Specifications and Notes

The four and five-string DBCV Electric Violins use a standard violin scale length of 328 mm. The fingerboard and bridge radius is 39 mm to allow for clean string separation in the the higher positions. The nut of the instrument is 27 mm wide, depending on the desire of the player. The separation of the strings at the center of the grooves is 10 mm at the bridge. At the nut, the separation is 4.9 mm. The measurement from the bottom of the pegbox to the top of the button is the standard 112 mm. The length of the instrument from the bottom to the top of the button is 14 7/8 inches. The total length of the instrument is 24 1/4 inches. Both the four and five-string models use Helicore Medium Tension Violin Strings.

***Acoustic Shape Extension (Optional)

Some players desire the feel, shape and tactile landmarks of an acoustic instrument. An extension - of the same shape and in the standard location of the right upper bout (the "shoulders") of a traditional acoustic instrument may be added for $125.00.

I usually fit my instruments either L.R. Baggs or Barbera Transducer bridge pickup systems. For six and seven-string instruments, I use only Barbera bridges because of their exceptional tone quality.

The instrument is connected with the amplifier and/or other electronics by a 1/4 " jack located on the lower left side of the instrument.There is a ground wire extending from the tailpiece to the ground connection of the jack input to reduce ambient noise.The electronics are installed in the hollowed area in the lower back of the instrument. This area is paneled with either leather or velvet, and is where the engraved plaque stating the artist's name, date of the instrument's completion and the name of the luthier is located. All finished instruments are branded with the DBCV logo.