Economical and Multi-Colored Instruments


It is my goal to offer players the greatest number of options and price ranges when it comes to considering the purchase of an electric instrument. It is for this reason that this new page has been created.

If you would like to own an electric instrument that sounds great, is less expensive than a custom-made instrument and feels exactly like your favorite acoustic instrument, here is the answer: An Acoustic-Electric Instrument!

I will be happy to modify any existing acoustic violin, viola or cello so that it can be played both acoustically, and as an electric instrument. This is done by replacing the acoustic bridge that is currently on your instrument with an electric violin bridge.

Note: If you want to modify an acoustic instrument, I recommend using a less-expensive instrument. The reason for this is that there will be a change in the acoustic sound of your instrument when a new, electric bridge is used with the instrument.

Acoustic-Electric Modification Prices:
 - Violins and Violas: $275.00 - $600.00
 - Cellos: $350.00 - $700.00
(Prices vary according to the type of bridge you choose. Shipping costs are additional.)

I can make your acoustic-electric instrument (or any of my custom electric instruments) literally any color of the rainbow.

Because some computer monitors display colors slightly differently than others, I ask that you send me an actual sample of the color you would like your instrument to be. You could use a paint color sample from a hardware store, a good photocopy of the color you desire or a picture from another printed source. In this way, the color of your instrument will be reproduced as accurately as possible.

You have two options when choosing what type of color/finish you would like for your instrument. These two choices are: "Clear" - in which you will see the actual wood grain, and "Opaque" - which will allow the color of the instrument to be seen, though not the grain of the wood.

Here are some of the processes used for these two options:
 - "Clear" - Your instrument would be tinted with an analine dye or other medium that will change the color of the wood, and still allow the wood grain to be seen clearly. A top coat finish of varnish or lacquer, depending on the medium used for the color, will protect your instrument and give it a beautiful gloss.
 - "Opaque" - Your instrument would be colored/painted with oil or acrylic paint or a custom-tinted lacquer. Depending on the medium used for the color, a varnish, lacquer or other clear top coat will be put over the color for a beautiful, protective finish.

 - Violins:  $350.00 - $550.00
 - Violas:   $450.00 - $650.00
 - Cellos:   $700.00 - $1000.00
(The prices above vary according to the size of the instrument, the type of medium chosen for the coloring of the instrument and the time involved to apply and dry the final clear finish coat)